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See how aerating your lawn at the right time of the year promotes healthy and hardy growth of your lawn in the fall and spring with our professional lawn aeration services.


About Aeration

See what aeration is and how it is performed.


Benefits of Aeration

Learn how aerating your lawn benefits its health.


When to Aerate

Understand when the best time to aerate your lawn is.


After Aeration

Know what to do after a professional aeration services.


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How Core Lawn Aeration Helps Your Lawn

About Core Lawn Aeration 

Lawn aeration is the process of loosening compacted soil by creating pockets in soil. These pockets are created one of two ways. The first way is by stabbing the soil with a tine, or steel spike. The second is by removing a complete plug (soil core).

At GroundSmith, we solely use core aeration. Core aeration allows the soil walls to settle in the removed plug’s spaces. If we don’t remove the plug and simply stab a spike into the ground, we’re only compacted the soil further.

Allowing the soil to settle like this has a lot of benefits for your lawn, such as:


Reduces water runoff


Improves soil nutrient distribution (water & fertilizer)


Promotes thicker grass growth


Prevents soil erosion

How Aeration Helps Your Lawn

Soil tends to become compacted. And the more compacted it becomes, the harder it is for grass to grow. Here are a few reasons why aeration helps your lawn:

Loosens Compacted Soil

Compacted soil causes a host of issues including water runoff and flooding. It even stops the growth of grass roots, which in turn, limits the nutrients grass needs to grow.

Core Lawn Aeration Company in Lewis Center Ohio
Core Lawn Aeration Services in Dublin Ohio

Deeper Root Penetration

When soil is nice and loose, it allows roots to grow deeper and receive more nutrients like water and the food carried through the soil such as fertilizer.

Promotes Nutrient Distribution

Loosened soil allows water to saturate the ground and absorb deeper. The deeper loosened soil is, the larger reservoir the roots have to collect water from overtime. Additionally, nutrients through fertilizer are also carried more easily into the loosened soil.

Professional Lawn Aeration and Maintenance Services in Dublin Ohio
Professional Core Lawn Aeration Services in Dublin Ohio

Thickens Grass Blades

With deeper roots, a larger water reservoir, and easier nutrient distribution to roots, grass blades will naturally grow thicker and stronger, giving your lawn a hearty, lush look.

When is the best time to aerate my lawn?

Although aerating in spring is certainly acceptable in Ohio, fall is absolutely the best time in our area. Your lawn’s root system is actively growing in the fall and aerating your lawn gives them the air and room they need.

Since seeding is often done with aeration, this is another reason fall is best. Fall seeding has a much greater opportunity for success than those done in spring and summer. We typically recommend aerating for mid-September through mid-October for the best results.

When aerating in the spring, it is best to do so BEFORE you apply your spring pre-emergents. The holes from the aerator will break any barriers that the pre-emergents have set up, making your lawn more susceptible to weeds.

Consider taking a look at our TurfSmith program for a comprehensive lawn care plan including core aeration, lawn fertilization, and weed control throughout the year.

What to Do After Lawn Aeration


A freshly aerated lawn should not be neglected. It’s important to use this opportunity to make sure you receive a healthy lawn in a short amount of time.


Leave Soil Plugs on the Lawn

Soil plugs leftover from an aerator don’t look the prettiest, but they play a vital part in the health of your lawn. These eventually break down and serve as simple fertilizer for your existing grass.


Apply the Appropriate Fertilizer

Whether your aeration service takes place in the spring or the fall, it’s important to take the opportunity and use the right fertilizer. If it’s in the spring, use fertilizer rich in nitrogen. If aeration takes place during mid to late fall, use fertilizer rich in phosphorus to stimulate root growth late in the season.


Overseed your lawn

A freshly aerated lawn is the perfect time to spread seed. This is largely due to the fact that aeration takes place when temperatures are also ideal for laying seed. The goal is to thicken up your lawn. Aeration will also leave holes in your lawn. This is where overseeding comes in handy.


Keep Your Lawn Hydrated

Enough can’t be said about this. If you’re headed into winter, this won’t be as necessary as grass is beginning to go dormant. But if you’re in the early spring, watering your lawn consistently is key. If new seed is spread, you’ll need to keep the seed consistently wet or it will dry out and die. We will give you a watering schedule after any seeding or aeration service.

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