TurfSmith Services In Columbus, OH


Lawn care services for the simple reason of wanting your lawn to be green and full all season long. Our TurfSmith services are designed to keep annoying weeds out of your lawn, deliver consistent nutrition to the entire grass plant, and prevent insects and larvae from destroying root growth.

Our TurfSmith fertilization programs include your choice of two packages, Standard and Enhanced. While some lawns are already strong and simply need to maintain good health, others may be in areas where weeds are more cumbersome and don’t have a good nutrient delivery system. Whatever the health of your lawn, one of these programs will be perfect for you.

Standard TurfSmith Program

Our Standard TurfSmith Program is a 6-application program spread over the season, typically between late March and November.

It starts off with an early spring fertilizer with a pre-emergent to deter crabgrass from sprouting after the dormant winter. This is followed up in late spring with a weed control service to target spring broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover.

Once summer hits, the second round of fertilization is spread along with additional weed control during the sunnier months where weeds thrive.

Finally, we’ll add early fall fertilization around late August and early September to maintain green turf throughout the fall. Around this same time, we’ll run another broadleaf application to rid any remaining weeds. As fall comes to an end, we apply one last fertilization to give the grass’ roots strength and reserve going into winter so they can come back as healthy as ever in the spring.

Enhanced TurfSmith Program

The key components to the Enhanced TurfSmith Program include all of the Standard Program’s with the added bonus of 2 additional applications.

The Enhanced program is 7 applications. The additional visit actually takes place between the early spring fertilizer and the spring broadleaf control visits.

The application adds a second spring fertilization with an additional crabgrass pre-emergent during the peak of spring when germinated plants and weeds really begin to root. This application ensures a crabgrass-free lawn moving into summer.

The 4th visit adds insect and grub control to prevent harmful insects and larvae like grubs from destroying grass roots.

Healthy lawns can attract insects and grubs to feed on healthy and deep roots, which is why we recommend going with the Enhanced Program to keep grubs and insects away.


Early Spring Fertilizer

An early fertilizing application to give grass the boost it needs coming out of winter.


Spring Fertilizer

The spring fertilizer application is bundled with a crabgrass pre-emergent that really promotes growth during spring while keeping crabgrass away.


Spring Weed Control

Broadleaf weeds are extremely prevalent in Central, Ohio. This application snubs broadleaf growth in the peak of spring.


Summer Fertilization

Weeds thrive in the summer sun and the abundance of UV rays while grass can struggle in the heat. We’ll fertilize the grass and kill the weeds.


Insect & Grub Control

Applied with the summer fertilizer and weed control. This application deters harmful grubs and insects from destroying the soil and root systems.


Early Fall Fertilizer

The fall fertilizer gives grass a much-needed boost to aid recovery after the onslaught of the summer heat.


Fall Weed Control

We apply one final weed control round going into the fall to make sure there will be nothing around to go dormant in the winter.


Late Fall Fertilization

Much like a bear eats in excess before hibernation, grass needs extra nutrients before going dormant in order to come back in the spring healthy.

Other TurfSmith Services

Core Aeration Lawn Services in Columbus Ohio

Core Aeration

A strong fertilization plan is a great start but it won’t do much if root systems can’t grow deep and absorb the nutrients our programs are providing. This can happen if your soil is compacted. That’s why we recommend seasonal lawn aeration for your lawn. This process removes core samples from your lawn in order for the compacted soil to settle. We perform seasonal lawn aeration from Dublin to Delaware, Ohio.

Overseeding Services in Columbus, OH


Overseeding is the process of seeding over your lawn where grass could be thicker. Thin spots in your yard can wash out during heavy rains, become destroyed by light or heavy traffic, or be a great place for weeds to germinate and spread rapidly. A thick and healthy lawn is a lawn that keeps weeds away and thrives.

Damaged Turf Repair in Norther Columbus

Turf Repair

Our turf repair services directly address areas of your lawn that may be damaged by excess water runoff or pooling as well as areas of high traffic and soil compaction. In these instances, a topdressing of the soil would be necessary to create a consistent and healthy base for new grass to take root after core aeration and the following seeding.