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Seasonal Landscape Cleanups in the Columbus areA

Seasonal cleanups are essential for your landscape to look beautiful after a harsh winter or prepare for one in the fall. We’ll get your yard ready for the season and prepared for dormancy!

Complete and comprehensive seasonal landscape cleanups

About Our Seasonal Landscape Cleanups

Spring Landscape Cleanups

The winter and early spring can be rough on your landscape. Your plants and beds may need some help to recover. Our spring clean-up services will help get your landscape back in shape. We’ll revitalize things by cleaning up winter debris, cutting back grasses and perennials, pruning dead from your shrubs to promote proper growth, and finishing it off by edging and mulching your beds for a crisp and clean look. To keep things looking great throughout the year, we can add a bed weed pre-emergent and shrub fertilization.

Fall Landscape Cleanups

Not only do leaves look bad in your yard, but they can also cause problems down the road. When leaves are left on your lawn throughout the fall and winter, you will likely wake up one spring morning to dead spots in your lawn where the leaves once were. But a good fall clean-up is more than just cleanup is more than just cleaning up the leaves. We will cut back your perennials and perform any late-season pruning you need. Make sure your yard is “winterized” properly by letting the professionals at GroundSmith do it for you.

Spring Landscape Revitalization

Landscapes often get neglected during the winter, but it doesn’t show until the snow and ice melts and the ground starts to thaw. Ice and snow cause trees limbs and branches to break and can even kill off certain ornamentals if it gets cold enough. We’ll bring your landscape back to life with a complete spring landscape cleanup from cleaning up your beds to redefining your edges.

Fall Cleanup & Leaf Removal

Call us today for a seasonal fall cleanup and leaf removal. Leaves left over the winter can cause grass to die by restricting oxygen flow and proper water absorption when the snow melts. Let us help you winterize your yard by also pruning back shrubs and small trees to help them be ready for spring.

Edging & Mulching

During our spring cleanup, we’ll bring that crispness back to your landscape by first edging your beds and tree rings. We’ll also lay new mulch to not only give your yard a fresh look but to also help prevent weeds from being able to germinate and allow your ornamental plants and shrubs to grow uninvaded.

Tree, Shrub, & Ornamental Pruning

Unfortunately, most trees and shrubs are not “plant-it-and-forget-it”. They will need periodic care to maintain their desired shape and health. Proper pruning not only helps control their size, but when done properly, it encourages new growth, enhances structure, increases flowering potential (in flowering shrubs of course), and improves overall health of the plant.

Perennial & Ornamental Grass Care

Nothing adds color or seasonal interest to your landscape quite the way perennials and ornamental grasses do. What’s even better is that they do it year after year. Get the most out of these landscape favorites by giving them the care they need. From deadheading perennials throughout the summer to cutting back the grasses in spring, we have you covered.

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