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Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance

Our full-service maintenance programs provide your yard with the care it needs. From weekly mowing and weeding to complete lawn care and spring mulching, we have you covered.

Landscape Install & Enhancements

Sometimes you need more than to maintain what you have. At some point, you may want to improve it. Whether you are looking to rehab a tired landscape or add something totally new, the GroundSmith can help.

Seasonal Cleanups

Nothing says your yard is ready for spring like a good spring cleanup, edge, and mulch. But there is more to a quality mulch job than throwing down a bunch of mulch. That’s why we offer a full range of spring services.

TurfSmith Services

Our complete, seasonal, lawn care fertilization and insect control services and programs are designed to keep your lawn healthy and green all year long.

Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance

You can count on the reliability of the GroundSmith lawn and landscaping maintenance services to be on time all the time. From routine lawn maintenance to tree and shrub pruning, we take pride in delivering the best maintenance services in Delaware County and the surrounding areas. Learn more here.

Mowing, Trimming, & Edging

Looking for that touch of professionalism in your weekly mowing service? Our uniformed crews provide the highest level of care to your lawn. Tight lines, crisp edges, and a clean finished look is what you get with GroundSmith. Learn more here.

Bed Maintenance

A great-looking landscape requires more than just your green lawn. Keeping your beds weed-free and your plants healthy is a critical part of the overall look. Our bed maintenance services include weekly weeding, shrub, and perennial care, pruning, and plant health care. Learn more here.

Total Lawn Care

Quality lawn care doesn’t end when the mowing is done. That’s why we’ve introduced TurfSmith programs and services. We offer two seasonal application programs that offer fertilizer, weed control, and insect prevention to promote green and thick lawns all season long. Learn more here.

Tree & Shrub Installations

A well laid out tree and shrub plan can add shade to your yard to protect you from hot summer days and create a soothing outdoor living experience. Adding new trees and shrubs can also enhance your curb appeal through vibrant seasonal colors and interests. Click here to learn more.

Complete Landscape Renovations

Whether your landscape is a blank slate, has gotten old and overgrown, or just doesn’t work for you anymore, sometimes you just need to start from scratch. Let GroundSmith be your partner in installing the landscape that brings your yard to life. We specialize in landscape installations and enhancements in the Northern Columbus, Ohio metro areas.

Landscape Lighting

The right lighting really accentuates your home, hardscape, and garden features. It can set the mood on a warm, summer evening or elegantly light your way at night. Whatever the need may be, we’re the experts in landscape lighting consultation and installation. Click here to learn more.

Spring Landscape Bed Revitalization

The winter and early spring can be rough on your landscape. Your plants and beds may need some help to recover. Our spring clean-up services will help get your landscape back in shape. We’ll revitalize things by cleaning up any winter debris, cutting back grasses and perennials, pruning dead from your shrubs to promote proper growth and finishing it off by edging and mulching your beds for a crisp and clean look. To keep things looking great throughout the year, we can add a bed weed pre-emergent and shrub fertilization. Click here to learn more.

Fall Leaf Cleanups and Leaf Removal

Not only do leaves look bad in your yard, they can also cause problems down the road. When leaves are left on your lawn throughout the fall and winter, you make wake up one spring morning to dead spots in your lawn where the leaves once were. But a good fall clean-up is more than just cleanup is more than just cleaning up the leaves. We will cut back your perennials and perform any late-season pruning you need. Make sure your yard is “winterized” properly by letting the professionals at GroundSmith do it for you. Click here to learn more.

Tree, Shrub, and Ornamental Pruning

To keep your trees and shrubs healthy and looking their best, they need the occasional pruning to control growth and maintain their shape. If your shrubs have become overgrown or have significant dead in them, as us about how our rejuvenation pruning can help get them looking great again. Click here to learn more.

What is TurfSmith?

TurfSmith is our initiative to providing healthy and green lawns all season long through specialized lawn care services. These services range from complete fertilization and weed control plans to core aeration and turf repair. If your end goal is to have a beautiful green and thick lawn all season then the TurfSmith services are what you’ve been looking for.

Click here to learn more.

Standard TurfSmith Care Program

Our Standard Program is a robust, 6-application program that focuses on greening up your lawn through fertilization and weed control with early spring, summer, and fall applications. We’ll focus on weed control during the Standard program to prevent invasive weeds from overtaking your lawn.

See more on the Standard Program.

Enhanced TurfSmith Care Program

While providing essential fertilization, the Enhanced Program incorporates a more robust weed control and insect prevention plan. This program adds value with a 7-application approach by including subterranean insect control to ward off larvae like grubs that feed on grassroots. Additionally, it also treats your lawn with preventative applications to keep surface-feeding insects from damaging grass blades. This program also utilizes additional fertilization and weed control during the spring to really give your lawn the boost it needs coming out of winter so you can enjoy it longer.

See more on the Enhanced Program.

Core Aeration

We offer core lawn aeration from Dublin to Delaware, Ohio.

Traffic on your lawn as well as continually settling soil causes the soil to become compacted. When this happens, the ground has a harder time absorbing nutrients and water through grassroots. We’ll use core aeration to remove compacted soil plugs and allow your soil to settle and allow for stronger grass growth.

Overseeding & Turf Repair

When your lawn is in need of a bit of TLC in some areas, a comprehensive turf repair solution may be in order. Our TurfSmith turf repair fixes damaged lawn spots caused by high traffic and compaction, tire ruts, or any part of your yard that needs reviving through topdressing as well as overseeding.

Why Choose GroundSmith?

One-Stop Solution

With GroundSmith you won’t have to worry about having your mowing guy, someone who you call for mulching, and someone else that does your fertilization. We are full-service lawn and landscape professionals.


Right Size Mowers for the Right Places

You won’t see our amazing team zipping through your yard on “way too big” sit down riding mowers. We use only the right size mowers and equipment to get your residential mowing done professionally.

Professional, Uniformed Crews

We want the services provided to you to be as professional as our completely uniformed crews. When you’re having your lawn maintenance, you’ll see the difference and know you’ve hired the professionals.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Take comfort in knowing that your personal assets are protected when we’re working with equipment on your property.

Electronic Quote Approval & Invoicing

You get enough mail. Our electronic quotes and invoicing allows you to easily manage your lawn and landscape services and payments all online!

Auto-pay & Credit Card Available

Convenience and quality are what separates us from other companies. Not only are quotes and invoicing be handled online, but so can payments!

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